Tuesday, July 8, 2008

5 Money Saving Tips for Road Trips

Have a road trip planned for August? Even a weekend getaway? Don't let the rising price of gas jeopardize your chance to relax.

According to a recent poll by the Hotel Association of Canada, 22% of respondents cited the price of gas as a reason for traveling less, compared to just 3% in 2006.

Keep your road trip plans alive with these money saving tips.
  1. Look for gas-rebate incentives when booking hotels. For example, the Sheraton in Ottawa has a 'Drive and Stay and Save' summer package that includes a $10 rebate nightly. Some Marriott properties also offer gasoline-related deals.
  2. Take the time to plan your trip and find the most direct route. Consult with your local Automobile Association, ie. CAA, BCAA, for a planned travel routing.
  3. Do some advance research on gas prices and although you might not remember the names of the stations, you just might remember the towns. Check for Canadian prices at gaswatch.org
  4. Snacks are big budget killers on road trips - racks of chips and chocolate bars can be irresistable at gas stations and convenience stores. Wheel into a grocery store and pick up cheaper snacks in economy bags for roughly half the price and load up a cooler with water, juice, pop.
  5. Follow these gas-saving tips while driving: turn off the gas guzzling AC and the four wheel drive; coast to a stop and be mellow when starting - burning rubber burns gas needlessly; don't speed - it wastes gas and just one ticket can put a serious dent in your budget.
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