Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You're Invited: Lavish & Lime's Grand Opening Warehouse Event

We're making the leap from cyberspace to real space with the opening of our new Lavish & Lime warehouse showroom in the funky Lower Lonsdale area of Vancouver's North Shore (272 East 1st Street) on Saturday, November 27th.

A special event will be held on opening day from 9am to 1pm - and you're invited! Local customers will have the opportunity to see in person the latest eco products from around the world and enjoy special discounts, free gifts, samples plus a natural skincare expert will be on hand to discuss toxins and our skin. The event coincides with eco boutique Lavish & Lime's third anniversary.

"We're excited to be able to give local customers the chance to see, touch, feel for themselves the products we sell online," said Lavish & Lime co-founder, Colin Campbell. "The more information people have, the more informed their purchases can be and from our experience, that means greater customer satisfaction every time."

Come help support the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre! Part proceeds from the opening event on November 27th will go towards supporting this unique facility - a fantastic local resource for connecting kids with nature.

We hope you can join us! Visit Lavish & Lime to preview our eco collection for Christmas 2010.

Eco-Friendly Wheat Golf Tees for Greener Golfing

While we wouldn't suggest dining on them, we would suggest outfitting any golf lovers you know with our biodegradable Wheatware golf tees. These eco-friendly golf tees are made of surplus wheat and will biodegrade in 90 days in fertile soil. The perfect gift for any eco-conscious golfer.

There are so many reasons for golfers to use these wheat golf tees and the additional wheat golf combo accessories pack - both now available in Canada at Lavish & Lime.

These include:

- made from a crop-based, sustainable and renewable resource
- no negative impact on the environment if these tees are lost on or off the course
- when you're done with them, simply throw them in the garden to compost
- tree-free; no trees were cut down to make these tees
- telp cut down on plastic pollution and reliance on plastics
- made in the US so the footprint is relatively small
- strong, durable and heat resistant

Wheatware golf tees and Wheatware golf accessories combo pack are available in Canada at eco boutique Lavish & Lime. Visit Lavish & Lime for more ideas about living life a little greener. If you have any thoughts or ideas about greener golfing, please leave a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Win a Turtle of your Choice - Natural Skin Care

All natural Taslie products for kids are some of the best natural skincare products on the market. They're not only biodegradable and chemical-free but also hypo-allergenic, ph balanced and tearless.

Taslie natural skin care products - including the 3-in-1 bubble bath/body wash/shampoo, moisturizer and conditioner - are made in Canada.

Enter to win:

Tell us which of our Taslie natural skin products you'd like and why and you could win it! Simply leave a comment below. The winner will be chosen Monday, November 29th.

Get two extra entries:

Become a fan on our Lavish & Lime Facebook page and leave a comment below telling us you did!

Taslie natural products for kids are made from organic blends of rosehip and burdock, the soft scent of mandarin & vanilla essential oils. The Lemon conditioner includes sage, ginseng and lemon essential oil. Taslie products contain no sodium laureth, sulfate, lanolin, parabens, synthetic colours or fragrances.

The 3-in-1 shampoo/bubble bath/body wash and natural kids moisturizing lotion come in adorable, recyclable turtle bottles that make kids want to get clean! These are hand painted with lead free paint and made from PET recycled plastics. There are also larger size refills for both products. The Taslie lemon creme conditioner comes in a biodegradable, non-toxic tube with a colourful giraffe on the front.

If you're in Metro Vancouver, join us at our Grand Opening Warehouse Event on Saturday, November 27th, 9am-1pm at 272 East 1st North Vancouver, where you'll be able to chat with a Taslie expert about toxins and skincare. Free samples too!

We love everything about Taslie and are thrilled to be able to giveaway a product from this fantastic natural line of kids skincare products - good luck!

View the full range of Taslie skincare products and other natural products available at eco boutique Lavish & Lime here.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Top Ten Reasons to use Glass Food Storage Jars

Getting back to glass has its benefits - especially for food storage. With growing awareness about toxins and toxic materials, more and more of us are looking for healthier, more environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic food containers, etc. for food storage, reheating and serving.

Here are ten top reasons you should store your food in a glass container.

1. There is no leaching of toxic chemicals into the food kept in glass storage containers. Glass is BPA-free, PVC-free and Phthalates-free.

2. Glass is earth-friendly - it's 100% recyclable.

3. There is no staining with glass storage jars as there can be with plastic.

4. Glass is transparent so you can keep an eye on the status of the leftovers in your fridge.

5. Glass is easy to clean - just pop your used glass container in the dishwasher.

6. You can put your glass storage containers in the freezer, in the oven and in the microwave (just be wary of any plastic lids).

7. Glass looks good and can go direct from fridge to table. There's no problem with serving food in glass containers thereby in many cases, eliminating the need for separate serving dishes.

8. Glass food storage containers are now available with colourful and secure BPA-free lids.

9. There is no after taste with glass as there can be for some people with sensitivities to stainless steel containers.

10. Treated with care, glass is durable and can last a long, long time.

For a contemporary multi-coloured set of glass food storage containers with lids, visit eco boutique Lavish & Lime. If you have any questions or thoughts about glass containers or storing food in general, please leave a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!


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