Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Last Minute Crush

It's on. Less than a week to Christmas and we're into the last minute rush, or crush depending on which line your standing in.

Whether it's the grocery store, liquor store, any store really, everyone is rushing to get everything done before the big day.

And it seems they're succeeding. With all the chat in the playground, it sounds like everyone has their cards done, their baking finished, their houses decorated - perfectly, their presents bought and wrapped and under the tree.

Everyone, it seems, but us. And perhaps some of you.

Let's face it, this cold snap with it's dubious driving conditions isn't really helping the situation. Why not play it safe and let someone else (aka Postman Pat) drive in the ice and snow while you avoid the line ups and the often endless search for a parking space.

If you're one of the ones not quite ready for St. Nick's imminent arrival and looking for some inspiration amid a slight case of desperation, relax. You still have time to order online.

Place your order before 1pm this Monday, December 22 for Metro Vancouver delivery and by 1pm on Tuesday, December 23 for deliveries in Vancouver and on the North Shore.

Hope this helps reduce holiday stress - happy shopping!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids

We want them to learn to respect nature and live in an environmentally conscious manner, so why not lead by example and encourage them with the gifts you give this Christmas?

Here are our five top green gift picks for children.

1. Soda Can Robug Kit
Build, recycle and create a unique robot that is as much a science project as it is a toy. The robug emits a buzzing sound like a real bug and moves across the floor. Great fun from a recycled can. Dynamo Torch and Windmill Generator kits also available. Age 8+

2. Pirate Ship
Let their imaginations run wild with this ship featuring one-eyed blackbeard and a dastardly crew of four, with lifeboat and hungry croc. Made from replenishable rubberwood which is preservative free and processed naturally. No harmful additives or coloring are used and all paints are tested for safety. Age 3+

3. Organic Cotton Play Ball
A super soft, easy to grasp rattling ball that baby can try to catch and lift up. Made of pesticide-free naturally organic cotton and stuffed with lamb's wool by German toymaker Sigikid.

4. Geo Beads
The creative combinations are endless with this unique set of brightly coloured, geometrically shaped beads made from replenishable rubberwood. Includes two strings that can be
attached/detached plus nine wooden beads in six different shapes and colours. Great for developing dexterity skills and imagination. Age 2+

5. Naturebag
Encourage them to explore the outdoors and connect with nature through the hands-on activities
contained in this charming little shoulder bag. Made of fairtrade, certified organic cotton, Naturebag contains all the tools needed to enjoy the year-round activities laid out in the step-by-step activity guide. Age 3-12

For more eco-friendly and other great gifts for children and babies, visit Lavish & Lime.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

What to give the Un-giveable Man

Un-giveable men. Everyone has at least one on their list, be it a dad, a grandfather, brother or even husband.

These are the guys that seem to have everything they could ever want or need. The ones you wrack your brain over. No matter what fantastic gift you might think of they either have it, they end up not liking it or they just went out and bought it for themselves.

We've come up with five top picks for these challenging recipients so you can start enjoying the
lead up to Christmas.

1. Modern: Neoprene Duffle Bag
Made with extra thick stretchy 4mm wetsuit grade neoprene, this
water resistant bag insulates and protects. Funky new hardware which attaches a shoulder strap through a unique loop sewn right into the bag itself makes the whole bag act as a suspension system between him and his load. $120

2. Fun: Retro Bowling Set
This high density foam-rubber bowling set for indoor or outdoor play.
Comes complete with pins, balls and placement mat in a handy carry case. $84

3. Stylish: Silver Round Cufflinks
Because a man who wears cufflinks, will always appreciate another pair. Clean curves in 9 grams of sterling silver, these are two links he will never tire of. $45

4. Classic: Leather Overnight Bag

A structured black leather bag that easily stands open on its own to make packing a breeze. Classic and sleek. $160

5. Funky: Cow Fleece Socks

Keep him warm on the slopes or cozy up with him apres ski. These funky socks feature flat
seams and a contour fit so are as perfect for indoors as they are out. Fleece wicks away moisture and dries quickly. Made in Canada. Men's sizes 5-13. PS. Matching women's sizes too. $18

For more great gifts for men, visit Lavish & Lime for our complete gift collection for Christmas 2008.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Whites of Your Eyes

What a day it was - a great day.

Thanks to all of you who came out to our Live! event yesterday. It was great to meet and connect with you - face to face, as Colin says, to 'see the whites of their eyes'. We appreciated your feedback and hope you enjoyed seeing our products for yourselves, in person.

We thought it would be helpful for customers to touch and feel the goods they see online and from the comments we received, it seems it was.

A big thank you to our local gallery, SawersCooper, providers of the lovely white space which was a perfect fit for us and Sara, who was invaluable. Sincerest thanks also to everyone who pitched in to help - you know who you are and you're all gems.

We planned to take loads of pictures, but naturally didn't get to this until the end of the day, after everyone had left. Missed the best shots but at least got this one of a portion of the jewelry display.

Given the response to our offline debut, we might just plan for more of the same in the coming year, so watch this space...

Visit Lavish & Lime to view our complete gift collection for Christmas 2008.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Lavish & Lime Live! Event in Vancouver

This is it. Our offline debut.

For the first time ever, you'll be able to see our gift collection in person in Vancouver this Thursday, December 4th.

11am-8pm, Dec 4th
@ SawersCooper Gallery
245-1425 Marine Drive, West Vancouver
(corner of 14th & Clyde in Ambleside's Village Square, 2 mins. from Lion's Gate Bridge)

You won't want to miss our prize draw or your FREE gift with any purchase of $75 or more. Plus there'll be refreshments and savings of up to 40% OFF!

This is a great chance to touch and feel for yourself the quality of our products.

Hope to see you there!


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