Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Last Minute Crush

It's on. Less than a week to Christmas and we're into the last minute rush, or crush depending on which line your standing in.

Whether it's the grocery store, liquor store, any store really, everyone is rushing to get everything done before the big day.

And it seems they're succeeding. With all the chat in the playground, it sounds like everyone has their cards done, their baking finished, their houses decorated - perfectly, their presents bought and wrapped and under the tree.

Everyone, it seems, but us. And perhaps some of you.

Let's face it, this cold snap with it's dubious driving conditions isn't really helping the situation. Why not play it safe and let someone else (aka Postman Pat) drive in the ice and snow while you avoid the line ups and the often endless search for a parking space.

If you're one of the ones not quite ready for St. Nick's imminent arrival and looking for some inspiration amid a slight case of desperation, relax. You still have time to order online.

Place your order before 1pm this Monday, December 22 for Metro Vancouver delivery and by 1pm on Tuesday, December 23 for deliveries in Vancouver and on the North Shore.

Hope this helps reduce holiday stress - happy shopping!

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