Friday, December 5, 2008

The Whites of Your Eyes

What a day it was - a great day.

Thanks to all of you who came out to our Live! event yesterday. It was great to meet and connect with you - face to face, as Colin says, to 'see the whites of their eyes'. We appreciated your feedback and hope you enjoyed seeing our products for yourselves, in person.

We thought it would be helpful for customers to touch and feel the goods they see online and from the comments we received, it seems it was.

A big thank you to our local gallery, SawersCooper, providers of the lovely white space which was a perfect fit for us and Sara, who was invaluable. Sincerest thanks also to everyone who pitched in to help - you know who you are and you're all gems.

We planned to take loads of pictures, but naturally didn't get to this until the end of the day, after everyone had left. Missed the best shots but at least got this one of a portion of the jewelry display.

Given the response to our offline debut, we might just plan for more of the same in the coming year, so watch this space...

Visit Lavish & Lime to view our complete gift collection for Christmas 2008.

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