Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Easter Basket Goes Green: An Eco-Alternative

Tired of the traditional woven Easter basket? Thinking beyond Easter weekend? Why not try a unique basket that doubles as a shopper to reduce plastic bag use?

Made of heavy nylon and a sturdy aluminum frame, the Eco Basket is both lightweight and waterproof and collapses down to a 10"x10" square that fits neatly in a handbag, backpack or the trunk of a car. There are seven colours and designs to choose from, including orange dots and florals - perfect for Easter.

This basket is perfect for Easter bunny goodies and for Easter displays. After holiday Monday, you won't store it away in the cupboard until next year, you'll use it. It's ideal for returning library books (we keep one near the door and load it up for the weekly trip to the library), a picnic in the park or for holding garden tools and veg as a garden trug.

The Eco Basket is perfect for shopping your local farmers' market or the grocery store. Not only will you save on plastic bags, you'll be amazed at how many groceries you can actually fit in. More than once we've run in and buzzed around our local Safeway for a few bits then started unloading at the Express checkout, quickly realizing we've far exceeded the 12-item limit.

Handy and smart, this is one multi-use carrier you'll quickly come to love.

Visit Vancouver-based online boutique Lavish & Lime for this and more eco-friendly products.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kids' Activity: St. Patrick's Day Craft

It's spring break. Unless you're one of the lucky ones who've managed to sneak away to sun or snow, you're probably like us. Trying to keep the kids busy to avoid hearing those two terribly guilt-inducing words 'I'm bored'.

If you've already given games a go (Bug Balance is a favourite), survived the inclement weather
with your Nature Bag (gets them outside and away from the TV, as shown) and have already put together all the activity kits in the house (have you tried the Green Science Robobug from a pop can?) - then perhaps you'd like to try this.

It's a simple craft with minimal tidy up. And it's timely - a way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day since the kids won't be doing it at school this year. Our girls really enjoyed it. Hope your kids do too!

Shamrock Rubbings


  • Sandpaper
  • Scissors
  • Crayons
  • Paper


  1. Cut shamrock shapes out of sandpaper. Use different grains of sandpaper and cut the shamrocks in several different sizes.
  2. Tape the shamrocks to a table.
  3. Show your child how to place his paper over the shamrock and rub with the side of a crayon to get a Saint Patrick's Day design.
Visit Lavish & Lime for toys, activity kits and other ideas for kids to enjoy.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Global Warming: where are you?

We can't believe it. Snow in March - in Vancouver!

We've had our heads down lately working on a whole bunch of exciting new changes at Lavish & Lime (debuting in April) and when we popped our heads up for some air, what did we get? Snow. Shocking snow.

The kids loved it - as you can see from their early morning masterpieces here - but it's been so cold. Growing up in Vancouver and Scotland respectively, we're used to wet grey not sunny cold. So are the plants - the daffodil buds and blossoming crocuses were covered.

There was something in the press recently about global warming being a bit exaggerated by the Russians and given the fact that the temperature in Vancouver this past week was 10 degrees below average at times, it makes you wonder just a little...

Anyway, don't put those fleece socks or scarves away just yet. They're great for keeping cozy and the fleece socks are truly fab for skiing - if that's what you're up to during Spring Break.

Whatever you do over the next week, enjoy!

Visit Lavish & Lime and keep the whole family warm with Canadian-made fleece socks and a range of colourful scarves - including a selection made from bamboo.


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