Friday, March 13, 2009

Global Warming: where are you?

We can't believe it. Snow in March - in Vancouver!

We've had our heads down lately working on a whole bunch of exciting new changes at Lavish & Lime (debuting in April) and when we popped our heads up for some air, what did we get? Snow. Shocking snow.

The kids loved it - as you can see from their early morning masterpieces here - but it's been so cold. Growing up in Vancouver and Scotland respectively, we're used to wet grey not sunny cold. So are the plants - the daffodil buds and blossoming crocuses were covered.

There was something in the press recently about global warming being a bit exaggerated by the Russians and given the fact that the temperature in Vancouver this past week was 10 degrees below average at times, it makes you wonder just a little...

Anyway, don't put those fleece socks or scarves away just yet. They're great for keeping cozy and the fleece socks are truly fab for skiing - if that's what you're up to during Spring Break.

Whatever you do over the next week, enjoy!

Visit Lavish & Lime and keep the whole family warm with Canadian-made fleece socks and a range of colourful scarves - including a selection made from bamboo.

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