Monday, February 2, 2009

5 Ways to Give Green Love on Valentine's Day

The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner (already!) and this year, it's easier than ever to give green love.

With a little forethought you can take a few easy, eco-conscious steps on February 14th and
make it a truly feel good occasion all around!

Here are a selection of sweetheart offerings to help impress your Valentine.

1. Buy a gift made from recycled or other earth-friendly materials, but don't feel you have to
compromise on style. You can give a gift that's green and looks good. The days of these two being mutually exclusive are over with the introduction of the concept eco-chic. If it's a heart you're looking for, go for the natural love necklace - a dark wooden heart pendant hanging from two sterling silver chains, or perhaps a pair of adorable dangling hearts - sterling silver threader earrings, both made in Canada from reclaimed wood.There's also the ultra soft bamboo nightshirt that can double for daywear. Show your love for him with a practical reusable sport twist water bottle in deep, luxurious red.

2. Save gas and snuggle up for a movie night in with a pizza and a bottle of bubbly. Heat things up with a
crackling fire or simply grab a cozy throw - try a lightweight mohair throw (with a stunning recycled yarn fringe) in robin's egg blue, perfect for two. Choose a suitably themed flick that's all about love. Our favourite romantic picks include Phenomenon (He says, 'Will you love me for the rest of my life?' as his is about to end, and she says 'No, I'll love you for the rest of mine.' ...sniffle) Pretty Woman (LOVE the part when he snaps shut the necklace box) and As Good As It Gets (poor, Keanu; good ol' Jack gets her in the end). Any favourites you'd recommend?

3. Make a card. Remember way back when you used to make those paper hearts with red
construction paper, white doilies and way too much glue? Remember your sense of achievement and the smile on your Mom's face? Well, there's no reason not to do it now, except now there can be a bit more to it. Include photos, recycled bits of paper, ribbons, greetings cards you've already received or anything else you can think of. Go on, lose yourself for an hour. Check out these card-making ideas if you're stuck, then let yourself go. Nothing melts a heart more than the thought of the time and effort put into a homemade gift and you might just be surprised at how creative you can be!

4. Give a foot massage. Who wouldn't love you for one of these? Wash them, dry them, exfoliate
and invigorate them with a good brush, then massage using soothing foot butter made with carrot oil which restores moisture and leaves them baby soft. You can wrap up separately a coconut foot brush - ethically made in Sri Lanka - or a Canadian-made, all natural and paraben-free foot butter. We recommend giving them together as a foot brush gift set, packaged nicely in a lime green jute bag.

5. Serve up your gift on a tray with breakfast in bed. Everyone loves a bit of pampering and starting off with some sweetheart waffles and berries, eggs benedict or even simple tea and toast is certain to
make your Valentine's day. Buy local produce, eggs, bread and other ingredients wherever possible, not only are they fresher but you can do your bit to boost the local economy. Check out for a great selection of organic and other groceries delivered fresh to your door.

Visit Lavish & Lime for more great Valentine's Day gift ideas for him, for her and the little ones.

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