Monday, May 25, 2009

Be Cool in Bamboo: a must-have for summer

As the weather heats up, why wouldn't you wear clothing made of fabric that's not only ultra comfortable and eco-friendly, but keeps you cool too?

Bamboo - called the eco-wonder by many - is truly an ideal fabric for hot weather. It is thermal regulating so stays 2-3 degrees cooler in hot temperatures and absorbs moisture 3-4 times better than cotton. Plus it's naturally anti-microbial requiring no added harmful chemicals. It contains an agent, "bamboo kun", that prevents bacteria from cultivating on it and keeps it odour-free.

Did we mention it's soft? Our bamboo socks actually feel like cashmere. Not bad for $10.

Plus wearing bamboo is good for the planet. Bamboo is one of the world's most prolific and fastest-growing plants, and is able to reach maturity in about four years, compared to the typical 25 to 70 years for commercial tree species in North America. Bamboo is nature's most sustainable resource and is naturally regenerative. Some bamboo species grow up to 4 feet per day and can be harvested every 3 to 4 years.

Bamboo apparel is thermal regulating, anti-fungal, anti-static and will keep you cooler, drier, warmer and odour-free. Again, we ask, why wouldn't you wear it this summer?

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