Monday, July 13, 2009

Eco-Tip: Recycle Household Water

This is the first of what we're planning to be many tips on light green living.

These eco-tips are for those of us who are definitely not litterbugs, but we're not tree huggers either. They are ideas and suggestions about taking easy, little - do-able - steps towards living life a little greener.

So here we go.

Eco-Tip: Put a bucket in the shower

It's watering restriction time again for the garden (at least in Vancouver) and while we watch the amount of water we use outside the house, what about inside?

Do you know retro shower heads use about 20 litres of water per minute? That you'll waste 15 litres of water per minute by leaving the tap running?
Or that 30% of water use in the home is in the shower?

Why not recycle household water? One of the simplest ways is to put a bucket in the shower. Use the water you collect to water your garden, or even your houseplants. What about washing the car? And dare we say it, the dog?

You could always reduce the amount of water you use inside too. Yes, you can install a new shower head or you can simply pick up a shower timer. A great way to reduce your shower time from 20 minutes to the Aussie-recommended 4 minutes. Yes, a bit of push to get all your bits done, but the upside is more time to enjoy that extra morning cuppa!

Do you have ideas or tips about recycling household water? Please add them below! Everyone who leaves a comment before July 31st will be entered to win a sport size all natural sunscreen from Soleo Organics.

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Caitlin said...

One thing you can do to re-use your shower or bathwater is to use it to fill and flush your toilet!

Obviously it's easier to re-use bathwater but keeping a bucket in the shower is a good idea too. :)


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