Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Puppets Make the Perfect Christmas Present

You want them to learn to use their imagination and develop their creativity, so why not give a gift that helps them do just that? A puppet is perfect.

Puppets let kids be kids - and through role playing, someone or something else. They encourage imaginative play and are flexible - they can be played with alone or with others. Whether the puppet is based on a familiar story like Goldilocks, Red Riding Hood or even Eric Carle's The Hungry Caterpillar, or whether it's generic like a wizard or pirate kids can both act out stories they've seen and heard, or create something that's entirely their own.

We strongly believe that puppets are a valuable toy for kids and
have been on the hunt for some for a while. Just in time for Christmas, we found two very different types that we absolutely love - and hope you do too.

The first is a line of 100% natural wool puppets handmade in Nepal with fair trade and fair wages. Because the wool is natural, the colours are amazingly bright and the detail is truly impressive. These puppets are primarily wet felted in one piece so there's minimal stitching (except for detail), making them stronger and more likely to last longer. The story and finger puppets also come in lovely handmade gift boxes.

This range includes hand puppets like the quirky pig and dog, story puppets that include a hand puppet plus 3-4 finger puppets and then sets of 4 adorable finger puppets, like the Princess and the Pea or generic Pirates. The unique Hungry Caterpillar story puppet set includes 2 hand puppets plus about 16 pieces of food. These puppets make great gifts and stocking stuffers - at a great price.
This is a photo of the sewing room in Nepal where all the stitching detail is done by hand.

Most recently, we picked up a range of upcycled puppets made here in Canada. The characters are unique, adorable, full of colour and perhaps most interestingly, each one is unique. While we do carry 4 different animal designs: monkey, dog, frog and giraffe, each one is slightly different as they're made by hand from a variety of soft, reclaimed wool sweaters.

We consider handmade products mini works of art and more often than not when they're as well made as these are, they become treasured favourites for years to come.

Check out our full range of soft toys and gifts at Lavish & Lime where you'll find great Christmas gift ideas that are good for the whole family - and the planet too.

Does your child have a favourite puppet? Did you when you were growing up? If you have any thoughts or ideas about puppets, we'd love to hear from you! Just leave a comment below.

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