Friday, December 18, 2009

Garden in a Bag: a Great Green Gift

We never realized how much joy a window plant could bring - until we started to grow a garden in a bag of our own.

The girls wanted to try one out and we didn't get around to planting our Chocolate Viola until late in the summer - about mid-August. The daily question - pretty much every day from planting - was, is it up yet?

It took a little longer to germinate than the 7 days on the package - probably about double that. Might have had something to do with the cloudy days but once the little green sprouts popped up, they just kept coming and still are! This plant has been blooming now since early October and - to my own personal delight while I'm washing dishes - it's continuing to do so right through December! They truly can be grown year around. Gorgeous little flowers that yes, do carry a faint fragrance of chocolate.

The girls have long since lost interest - after our eldest took it to school for sharing (aka the modern version of show & tell). Now it's our little project. How long can we keep it going? We'll keep you posted.
The little seedlings pop up - much to the kids' delight!

It seemed like just a few weeks and we had some great foliage on the grow.
Then the plant just kept growing...and growing taller and taller.
And the flowers kept coming and coming until things got a little too tall and floppy... so we gave it a wee trim. Now it's just bushy and healthy and flowering - again!
A garden in bag would make a great secret santa gift - would liven up the office - or make someone's day who maybe doesn't get out so much anymore. Bring the greenery inside!

View our full range of Garden-in-a-Bag flower and herb plants at Lavish & Lime. Check out our Butterfly and Bird Lover's Scatter Gardens and our Pocket Gardens too - great stocking stuffers for any gardeners on your list! If you have any thoughts or ideas about gardens in a bag or gardening indoors generally, please leave a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!

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