Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12 Unusual Eco-Friendly Gifts for Christmas

Looking for the hottest, the latest, the most unique eco-friendly Christmas gifts on the market? So are we and for Christmas 2010, we've found some of our most exciting gifts yet.

Here are our top 12 Christmas gift picks for 2010.

1. For Inquisitive Him: 3-in-1 Solar Powered Transforming Robot $25

2. For the Slightly Edgier Her: Recycled Vinyl Record Cuff $25

3. For the Skater in Him: Recycled Eco-Friendly Skateboard Cufflinks $34

4. For the Golfer: Biodegradable Golf Tees made of Wheat $6

5. For Bath Loving Her: Pure Milk Bath Powder (& matching soy tea lights) $18/$8.50

6. For Anyone Who Drinks Tea: Travel Tea Glass $24

7. For Speed Racers: Speed-o-Meter Metal Bike Bell $24

8. For Keeping Warm: Reclaimed T-Shirt Panel Scarf $30.50

9. For Keeping Time: Smiley Water Powered Alarm Clock $45

10. For the Cheeky Monkey: Recycled Cotton Monkey Scarf $29.50

11. For the Happy Shopper: Retro Sesame Street Envirosax Bag 5-Pack Pouch $44.95

12. For a Splash of Colour: Natural Felt Ball Necklaces & Bracelets $25/$10

All 12 unusual green gifts for Christmas are available at eco boutique Lavish & Lime. View the hundreds of eco gifts we stock online and in our warehouse showroom in Vancouver at If you have any thoughts or comments about unusual gifts for Christmas, please leave a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!

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