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10 Best Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

It may be far from stifling hot here Vancouver, but as a heat wave crosses the rest of Canada and the U.S. and rising temperatures are predicted here later this month, we've come up with some ways to keep your cool. Most of these summer tips are eco-friendly, all are easy.

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Here are 10 of our favourite ways to beat the heat this summer.

1. Turn off your Dishwasher Early - Turn off the drying cycle on your dishwasher. Open the door before it begins and let your dishes air dry. It can be just as quick and much more energy efficient.

2. Use Power Bars
- Mod cons often heat up your home. Leaving the TV on can raise a room temperature by a couple of degrees. Electric appliances like TV’s and computers can emit heat even when not in use. money too! Plugged into a power bar, these devices can be switched off easily and with our Smartstrip surge protector, automatically - saving you money and keeping the temperature dow

3. Crash the Kiddie Pool
- When it's hot, kiddie pools aren't just for kids. Fill a pool or tub with cold water and try to keep it in the shade. Dip your toes, legs - or more - in for an immediate cool down!

4. Eat Cool Treats - Cold and frozen foods offer immediate relief from the heat. Make your own frozen treats and you’ll not only avoid copious sugar and artificial ingredients but you’ll save money too! Invest in durable, BPA-free popsicle makers like our stackable molds from Italy. Check out this collection of close to 200 popsicle recipes to make yourself and if cocktails are your thing, try these yummy-looking mango mojito popsicles. Alternatively, munch on frozen grapes - they're a healthy, tasty, cool treat too!

5. Keep Cool Air Inside
- Open windows at night and close them in the morning to keep cool air in and the hot air out. Try to keep windows closed during the hottest part of the day. If you do open one, open a second to create a cross breeze. On especially hot days, hang a wet sheet in front of an open window to cool the air down.

6. Protect your Skin - Slather on the sunscreen when you venture outside. Look for one with zinc - it’s the only sunscreen ingredient that protects from the full spectrum of UV light, ie UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Zinc is found in natural sunscreens that are also free of potentially nasty chemicals. Top natural brands include Badger Sunscreen and made in Canada, Heiko Kids Sunscreen.

7. Cover Up
- Keep a hat on and you’ll help prevent over heating and sunstroke. Look for a wide brim that points downwards to keep the sun off your face and neck. Tight woven, breathable SPF tested fabric is best. Our adjustable sun hats for kids tick all the boxes - and they grow with your child so they last for years.

8. Wet a Bandana - If you're working outside, soak a bandana in cold water, wring it slightly and tie it around your head - even under your sun hat - to keep cool.

9. Stay Hydrated - Drink, drink, drink and drink some more. It's no secret that if you drink plenty of fluids throughout the day, you’ll help stop the headaches, etc. that come with dehydration. Having the right water bottle helps. Does it fit in your car drink holder? Your bag? Is it too big? Too heavy? Do you want your water kept icy cold? Filtered? Glass vs. steel or BPA-free plastic? Do you like the colour? Shape? So many questions - good thing there’s loads of options like these reusable water bottles from top brands Camelbak, S'Well, Lifefactory Glass Bottles - all in Canada.

10. Reduce Blow Drying Time
- Break the habit of using your blow dryer. Let your hair dry naturally or only blow dry it part way and let the rest dry naturally. Your bathroom won't heat up like an inferno, your head will stay cooler while your hair is drying and you'll also save money on electricity!

For more green living ideas, visit eco boutique Lavish & Lime. If you have any thoughts or ideas about keeping cool in the summer heat, please leave a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!
Decrease your dependence on a hair dryer. Either stop drying midway through your routine or let it dry completely naturally. This will prevent your bathroom from becoming too tropical, and your head cool as your hair dries.

Source: Green Living Ideas (

Keep the windows closed during the hottest parts of the day. When you do choose to open a window, make sure a second window is opened to allow a cross breeze.

Source: Green Living Ideas (

Keep the windows closed during the hottest parts of the day. When you do choose to open a window, make sure a second window is opened to allow a cross breeze.

Source: Green Living Ideas (

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