Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Envirosax Bags: the perfect gift for women

They're not romantic, they're not luxurious and as a concept, they're not particularly unique. Yet reusable Envirosax shopping bags are the perfect Christmas present for any woman on your list for three reasons. 1. Envirosax bags are built fairly large to hold lots of stuff - whether it's groceries, workout gear, books, whatever - up to 44 lbs. or two plastic bags of groceries. Plus the double stitch design ensures they last. 2. Envirosax bags look great. These are designer bags that are definitely 'on trend' with new stunning bags every season. Take your pick from florals, romantics, the season's hottest animal prints, or go retro with Sesame Street Envirosax. 3. These bags roll up to the size of a piece of sushi and come with an Envirosax pouch option to keep them in - all organized, all in one place for easy storage and transport. For a gift that's guaranteed to be well received, we vote Envirosax. For more, click here.

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