Friday, January 13, 2012

Prime Minister Roundtable at Lavish & Lime in North Vancouver

It was a high octane morning at our Lavish & Lime warehouse in North Vancouver today filled with vehicles, dogs, cameras and lots of serious looking men in dark suits. Prime Minister Stephen Harper came by for a chat about issues facing small business as part of his pre-budget consultations. There we were with four other local business owners having a roundtable with the Prime Minister -- quite an experience! A major issue that came up was making government information more easily accessible to business. Naturally, we turned the discussion green and asked the Prime Minister if he had any green new year's resolutions. He agreed that reusable containers are the way to go and said his resolution was to "use fewer disposable cups at the rink". He loves watching hockey and curling so we know he'll have plenty of opportunity to put his pledge into practice. We thought we'd help him along and presented him with a double walled stainless steel S'Well bottle, to keep that Tim Hortons coffee warm... we'll post more photos as we get them.

That's our co-founder Colin Campbell sitting on the PM's right.

Our warehouse never looked like this before - a reorganized inside, loads of black vehicles outside. The PM stopped to chat to our neighbours too.

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