Monday, July 2, 2012

New from Envirosax Bags: Sesame Street Faves

Who doesn't like Sesame Street? From Oscar the Grouch to Cookie Monster and now fairy-in-training Abby, favourite kids show Sesame Street has something for everyone – even adults. The latest reusable shopping bags from Envirosax featuring favourite Sesame Street characters are perfect for anyone who wants to take a retro eco walk down memory lane. The bright colours and cartoon-like graphics combined with the practical benefits of these handy Envirosax bags: lightweight, water resistant, holds 44 lbs., no toxic chemicals, reinforced seams, folds down to the size of a piece of sushi, make Sesame Street a hit with adults too! Ideal for shopping, our funky Sesame Street Envirosax bags are good for carrying pretty much anything from sports gear to books to picnics and more. For an economical option, check out our Envirosax Sesame Street 5-pack pouch.

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