Sunday, August 5, 2012

Super Easy Cool Berry Snack for Summer

Finally we're enjoying some sunny summer daze in Vancouver and naturally with the sun, comes the warmth – something us west coasters aren't entirely used to! Pretty much by accident, we stumbled across a healthy cool treat to beat the heat and keep the kids happy. It's simple and maybe you've discovered it, but we thought we'd share it: throw some fruit in the freezer. We were worried about our meager crop of fresh homegrown raspberries going off, so put them (along with a few strawberries) in the freezer, in the stainless steel Lunchbots container we picked them in a few days ago. (Stainless steel is great for freezer storage.) This weekend we came across the container and as it was hot, passed them around to the kids. Have you ever popped a frozen raspberry in your mouth? Yum, to say the least. The outer bit melts right away for a zingy raspberry taste while the centre stays frozen for a cool treat. The kids loved them. Try it yourself with raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, or pretty much any fruit you can lay your hands on and at this time of year, there's plenty to choose from. Enjoy!

Lunchbots Duo Canada
Freeze berries for an easy icy treat to help you keep cool in the summer heat.

Kids love these tasty all natural frozen treats.

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