Monday, September 24, 2012

5 Must-Try Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Recipes

Leftovers were always a mainstay in our family fridge, especially at Thanksgiving. Lattice turkey pie and turkey on toast dowsed in gravy were meals enjoyed almost religiously the week following the big turkey blowout. Food waste was simply not an option in our household of six reared by parents of The Depression. Nor should it be in this era of waste-free living. With a little planning, Thanksgiving leftovers can be a godsend – take them out of their food storage containers and put them to work for a quick answer to a weekday meal or something a little more involved. Here are some of our favourite recipe picks to help you enjoy your Thanksgiving turkey post-holiday.

Turkey croquettes and slow cooker soup are great ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers.

Hot Turkey on Toast
(Serves 2)

1 cup chopped turkey
1 cup gravy
2 slices whole wheat bread
Cranberry sauce (optional)

Place turkey and gravy in a saucepan and simmer until heated through. Toast bread. Place toast on plate and top with turkey/gravy mixture. Spoon cranberry sauce on side or top, as desired. Serve immediately, steaming hot.

Here's a traditional turkey soup recipe adapted for the must-have slow cooker from Canada's trusted cooking authority, Canadian Living: Slow Cooker Smoked Turkey and Noodle Soup.

For something different, try a taste from the South with these Turkey and Mashed Potato Croquettes. Great as a meal or make them slightly smaller to serve as appetizers.

Great for filling wraps, rolls or spreading on crackers is this Festive Fall Turkey Salad recipe.

From here's a tried and true classic casserole recipe with a curry twist all the way from 1965: Casserole of Turkey with Rice.

Do you have any favourite leftover turkey recipes to share?

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