Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Sock Bun How To for an Easy Eco Up-Do

Want a great up-do that's quick, easy and eco-friendly too? Try a sock bun. That's right, reuse an old sock and you'll be able to show off one of the best – and easiest – diy hairstyles you've ever had. We tried it and were amazed at how easy it really is! If you want a natural-looking up-do, this is it. First, find an old sock that roughly matches the colour of your hair. Cut off the toe of the sock and roll it down to make a 'doughnut'. Next put your hair up in a ponytail and push the ponytail through the centre of the sock. Stretch the sock out along your ponytail so the sock covers it as much as possible from top to bottom. Then roll your ponytail down the outside of the sock, constantly rolling your hair under into the sock. Slightly tricky, until you practice a couple of times. Finally, secure any loose ends with a bobby pin.  For a great sock bun step-by-step pictorial go to Beautylish and the best video tutorial we've seen is at our Canadian fave Natural Mommie. Enjoy a sock bun – your easy eco up-do for any day!

For an easy eco up-do, reuse an old sock and create a sock bun in just a few minutes.

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