Monday, January 21, 2013

Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day: DIY Salt Dough Hearts

For eco-friendly Valentine's Day treats, get creative and make some salt dough hearts with the kids – each one a unique work of art from the heart. Basically, all you need is salt, flour and water. The simple, easy Salt Dough Hearts recipe at On Clever Mode includes a swirly secret and stamp tip to make some of the coolest heart dough cutouts we've ever seen. What about also trawling through the house and reusing things you already have to stamp your hearts with patterns, etc.? Over at the Pre-School Play blog they reveal their must-have ingreditent for making Super Smooth Salt Dough Hearts. The blog Heartmade Eco-Crafts suggests making Salt Dough Passion Pebble Hearts to keep in a pocket or to create a slightly larger paperweight. Using eco-friendly paints made from fruits and vegetables is a great way to give colour to your hearts. We love the idea of making salt dough hearts. Not only are they something to make at home and a craft to keep the kids busy on bad weather days, but they make great little sugar-free Valentine's Day gifts to give to parents, grandparents, friends and if you're feeling energetic, classmates too!

Photo: On Clever Mode

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