Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Win a FunBites Food Cutter - Giveaway!

Looking to put a punch into your next packed lunch? Tired of trying to get a fussy eater to eat? Make food fun with our new FunBites food cutters! With one quick push, you can transform boring sandwiches, fruit, quesadillas, cheese slices and more into fun little squares and hearts. It's all in the spirit of bite-sized bento! Find the un-Funbites food (the one not cut out by a Funbites food cutter) in the picture below and you could win a Funbites food cutter of your choice – squares or hearts. Enter just by telling us where you found the un-Funbite, either in a comment below (with your email address) or on our Facebook page. Hint: the balls on top of the food pick sticks are not edible. Good luck everyone!

Find the un-Funbites food in this photo and win your own Funbites cutter!



Soozle said...

I see a green grape in the bottom right hand photo

Emily Lewis said...

It's the mandarin orange in the orange muffin tray

Anonymous said...

The kids will love it.


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