Saturday, September 13, 2008

Reduce the Landfill One Baggy at a Time

Did you know that 20 million plastic baggies are added each day to the U.S. landfills alone?

Just imagine what the numbers are worldwide.

Let's face it. When you pack a lunch, it usually contains more than one plastic sandwich bag. These get tossed in the garbage after just one use. They add up and they fill up the landfill.

Instead of waiting for the bureaucrats to talk about banning baggies as they're doing with plastic bottles and shopping bags, why not take a small step toward reducing waste on your own? Try our NEW reusable sandwich wrap - a simple concept that's brilliant for the environment - and help reduce the landfill one baggy at a time.

Fold your sandwich up in this octagonal-shaped wrap, secure with the velcro closure and your lunch is ready to go! It's great for snacks too - muffins, crackers, cookies, veggies and more. Plus it doubles as a place mat for a clean place to eat - anywhere.

To clean, simply hand wash in warm water and hang to dry.
One wrap can last an entire school year.

The wrap is made in the U.S. out of LDPE (low-density polyethylene), the same material as plastic baggies but a thicker grade to ensure its re-usability. The thicker material also allows less air to penetrate, keeping what's inside fresher for longer than the typical plastic sandwich bag.

It comes in variety of colourful patterns - green and brown dots, classic red gingham plus rainbow fish, sports balls and stars on pink for kids. Due to the high demand for this product, we're getting new designs in every week so check back for new product.

For our full range of eco-friendly food carriers and recyclable Laken water bottles, visit Lavish & Lime.

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