Monday, September 29, 2008

My Daughter Loves Her Sigikid Toy More Than Me

I know she loves me. Really, I do. It's just that I thought it would be different with our second.

Lucy is almost two. She runs. She falls. She cries. She holds up her arms so I swoop her up for a cuddle and then it happens. She says, 'Sigi'.

I don't mean to be needy. I just think that at this point something along the lines of 'Mommy' might
be nice. Is it possible to be jealous of an inanimate object?

Sigi is an organic teddy bear snuggly given to her at birth by her older sister as part of the second baby process. Everyone told us to have Polly give Lucy a gift to ensure Polly still felt secure, loved and to curb any feelings of jealousy. We didn't really think about the effect this toy would have on us - jealousy? Surely not.

Like Polly did - and still does at the age of five - Lucy learned to fall asleep with her Sigikid toy. Sigi is her comfort, like the blankie or dolly most of us had as kids. Sigi was easy for Lucy's little hands to hold so it was one of the first things she could grasp and now that she's walking, one of the easiest things for her to carry around with
her. Lucy's third word after 'Dada' then 'Mama' was 'Sigi'. And why not? He's super soft, cuddly and her constant companion.

Sigi has recently gone awol from the stroller a couple of times but with a bit of backtracking down the aisles of Safeway, he's been found, thankfully. What would a night without Sigi be like? I hope never to have to find out because it might be me sleeping with Lucy rather than him and right now - with much thanks to Sigi - I'm enjoying my eight hours. (Touch wood.)
- Louise Campbell, Lavish & Lime Co-founder

Sigikid is an innovative German toy company new to Canada but established in Europe for over 40 years. Lavish & Lime is the first Canadian e-tailer to offer Sigikid products online. Shop our Sigikid collection of organic and other toys here.

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