Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Name Your Price with PriceWhispers at Lavish & Lime

We know times are tough. We know that you're expecting more and more interactivity - more say - when you're online.

That's why we've introduced the price-setting service PriceWhispers at Lavish & Lime. Through PriceWhispers you can name the price you're willing to pay for any product on our site.

To try PriceWhispers, just look for the 'Name your Price' button on any product page. When you click on it, a window pops up showing the name and regular price of the product, plus two mouse-activated sliders: one that lets you set the price you're willing to pay, the other the maximum length of time you're willing to wait for the product to be available at your chosen price.

Shoppers using the service must first set up an account which can be done quickly and easily at PriceWhispers.com. Then you can start bidding away.

While we don't accept every bid (especially the incredibly cheeky ones) we have been accepting lots. So go ahead - make your bid! What are you waiting for?

Visit Lavish & Lime and start naming your own prices now.

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