Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sleep in & Save at Farmers' Markets Plus More Tips

Think you need to get up and go on your summer weekend mornings to get the most from your local farmers' market? Sacrifice your sleep no more.

According to a recently released Consumer Report, arriving late to market is actually a good thing.

"The sellers rarely want to haul their bounty back to the farm, so look for deals near closing time," says the report.

Other tips for shopping farmers' markets include
  • Don't be caught off guard, bring your own - shopping bags that is. Check out these funky (and inexpensive) designs or add some European flare to your shop with a modern basket.
  • Plus don't forget reusable produce bags to keep everything a bit separate and again, reduce plastic bag use.
  • Think ahead. Why not buy berries in large quantities and freeze them? Great for making smoothies in the winter.
  • Then there's bartering. If you are shopping at the end of the day, you might just try engaging in a 'price discussion', just be sure it's a fair price.
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