Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is it an Eco-Friendly Back-to-School for You?

All aboard the big green school bus! In a recent Angus Reid survey, 80 per cent of Canadian parents said they're thinking about the environment when doing their back-to-school shopping this fall.

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Eco-friendly thinking for back-to-school means seeking out school gear with less PVC and lead and more that are made of recycled, non-toxic and sustainable materials.

Here are some of our favourite environmentally-smart picks that will help send your eco-savvy scholar to the top of the class! This insulated lunch bag is made of the wetsuit material neoprene, which is also free of nasty chemicals like PVC and lead. In fact, neoprene is
recommended by the Center for Environmental Health as a good alternative to PVC-loaded vinyl lunch bags. Then there's the copious amounts of plastic baggies for sandwiches - no need to overload the landfill with these when you can get a reusable sandwich wrap. One wrap can last a whole school year. And for pencils, why not save the forests and buy pencils made of recycled newspapers?

There are loads of alternatives out there that healthier for the kids and the planet too - you just have to look.

Browse our Back to School collection at Lavish & Lime now for a great selection of eco-friendly must-have products.

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