Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sandwich Wrap Saves Egg Salad

We know and love how effective our eco-friendly reusable sandwich wrap can be as an alternative to plastic sandwich bags. It's great to hear how much our customers love them too.

Here's the prize-winning story that helped Tiff Gil win the sandwich wrap giveaway on our Lavish & Lime Facebook page last week.

"The absolute best part was that I had stored an egg salad sandwich in my wrap. Normally I pack the egg salad and bread separately as the sandwich ends up soggy by lunch, but I was not thinking when I made my lunch as it was the first time making lunch for work since being off on maternity leave. Anyway, the point is that my egg salad sandwich was if I had just made it moments before eating it...instead of the night before. I’m sure the sandwich wrap had something to do with this. Regardless, I am hooked and will be snagging more reusable sandwich wraps, whether I win one or not." Tiff Gil

We think the sandwich wrap probably had something to do with keeping Tiff's sandwich fresh too. It's made from the same material as plastic sandwich bags but a thicker grade, to ensure its re-usability. The thicker material allows less air to penetrate, keeping what’s inside fresher than the typical plastic sandwich bag.

Sandwich wraps fold out flat into a place mat for a clean place to eat and are easy to wash, just wipe clean and air dry. There's no hidden corners or fabric weave for bacteria to build up. They come in loads of fun and funky designs for adults and kids and are free of BPA, lead and phthalates. Once you go for an eco-friendly wrap, you'll never go back to plastic sandwich bags again.

Check out our eco-friendly sandwich wraps at Lavish & Lime. Become a fan on our official Facebook page and you too will be privy to our exclusive facebook giveaways where fans are winning some great prizes!

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