Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Do Sheryl Crow & My Thinksport Bottle Have in Common?

On Saturday night, they were both super cool.

We went down to Ambleside Park in West Vancouver with the kids and some friends on Saturday night to catch the Summer Sessions benefit concert featuring Sheryl Crow, Neil Young, Sarah McLachlan and loads of other acts. Let me clarify that. We went down to sit on the beach - outside the fenced in ticket-holder area - to listen to the concert.

Frankly, I think we had the best seats. We had a full view of the gorgeous red sunset, the kids happily played on the beach and loads of boats were bobbing a few feet away in the bay doing exactly what we were, except on the water.

So when we took out our Thinksport water bottle to sip our 'water' we were all amazed at how cold it still was. Even after being in transport for probably close to two hours, by the time we opened it up it tasted just as cold as when it went in. That stainless steel double-walled construction definitely acts like a thermos. [Fast forward to Sunday morning when I went to wash the bottle - the ice cubes were still rattling around inside!]

A nice, cool drink on a warm evening at the beach listening to Sheryl Crow singing "Everyday is a Winding Road" live. And then a meteor streaked across the sky. No kidding.

Don't know if it gets much better than that.

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If you have any thoughts or comments about Sheryl Crow (we think she's super cool, especially after Lance), Thinksport or water bottles in general, please leave a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!

Sheryl Crow Photo: Rebecca Blissett, Straight.com

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