Thursday, November 22, 2012

How to Wrap a Gift in an Envirosax Bag

Did you know 4 million tons of gift-wrap and 38,000 miles of ribbon are tossed out each year? And shockingly, in the US, half the paper consumed annually is used to wrap gifts. With a little imagination, wrapping your gifts in designer reusable bags - instead of traditional wrapping paper or paper bags - is a bonus for the recipient who receives two gifts in one and a double bonus for the environment.
 Here are our top 5 reasons for wrapping your gifts in reusable bags this Christmas.
  1. The recipient gets 2 gifts in 1. This is a bag you know they'll use, whether for groceries, books, going to the gym, beach, wherever. The bag folds down to the size of a piece of sushi and can hold up to 44lbs. - the equivalent of 2 plastic bags of groceries.
  2. You can feel good knowing your gifts won't be filling the bins with rubbish on Christmas morning.
  3. All you need is two safety pins and one of our Envirosax reusable bags. They come in a range of funky designs, including brightly coloured Envirosax pirate and cupcake bags for kids' gifts. Sometimes you don't even need the safety pins!
  4. These designer bags are only $9.95 each or pick up our Envirosax Festive 3-Pack Pouch for just $29.85 and get the handy pouch for free - reasonably priced, top quality.
  5. They're officially the new 'it' bag. Celebs are using these bags all over the place - Jessica Alba was snapped with our Retro Orange Envirosax.
Watch the video below for a how-to on wrapping your gift in a reusable Envirosax bag. It's easy - and your gift looks great!

Wrapping gifts in paper was created by Hallmark in early Victorian times. It was a process of the wealthy as the poor could not afford the lavish decorated paper. It originated when a prominent store ran out of the usual tissue paper and patterned paper was put out on the shelf in replacement. Before this time, gifts were wrapped much more sustainably in material, and even perfected to an art form by the Japanese.

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