Monday, May 16, 2011

Eco Art Contest Finalists: Pick your Favourite

We've whittled down the entries received for our Lavish & Lime Eco Art Contest to five finalists. Which do you like best?

Entrants across Canada were asked to get creative with their recycling and send us a photo. Below are our top five picks of all the works of art we received.

We'd love to hear your thoughts before we send the final three on to our judging panel which includes Juno-nominated green music duo Bobs & Lolo, editor of Canada's eco-aware, founder of national family site and one of Canada's premier artists Cori Creed whose work is presently showing in Vancouver, San Francisco and New York. The judges will determine our grand prize and runners up winners. These will be announced on or before May 31st.

Leave a comment below telling us which is your favourite by Monday, May 23rd!

Finalist #1
Artist: Crystal H. Title: Untitled Materials: Water bottles and decaying flowers

Finalist #2
Artist: Judy S. aka Colourful Canary Title: Caged Intelligence Materials: Pencil, recycled office paper, reclaimed fencepost wood & wire, and natural materials (organic cornstarch, organic gelatin & organic powdered herbs) to represent the filthy conditions of factory caged birds. The portraits are renderings of actual beautiful intelligent birds.

Finalist #3
Artist: Callum F. Title: Albert Materials: Recycled spool, CD, metal caps, rubber tubes, plastic springs, ceramic hand, ceramic shoes, felt

Finalist #4
Artist: Caryn S. Title: Hamm (after the pig from Toy Story) Materials: Old plastic mayo jar for body, 4 bumps off of an egg carton for legs, newspaper strips and flour for homemade paper mache, pink felt for ears, pink pipe cleaner for tail, red and white art foam for eyes and tounge, pink paint

Finalist #5
Artist: Maureen A. Title: Sunflowers Materials: Back of old shed, old spray paint

Looking to live life a little greener and healthier? Lavish & Lime is a great place to start. We have hundreds of unusual gifts and everyday eco finds all good for you and the planet too. If you have any thoughts or ideas about the Eco Art Contest entries above, please leave a comment below - we'd love to hear from you!


Mina said...

I vote for the caged canary!!!

Mina said...

Oops! Make that the Colorful Canary and Caged Intelligence!

Wild Canary said...

Voting for the Colorful Canary!

Zuki said...

Caged Intelligence

Andrea said...

I vote for the Colorful Canary and the chickens! SO beautifully drawn.

Self Health Guru said...

I vote for Colorful Canary "Caged Intelligence"! Besides cleaverly making use of recycled materials this depicts something that is so important to our health and the wellbeing of intelligent birds that are forced to live in filthy conditions to over supply a gluttonous nation.

Dobermanx2 said...

Caged Intelligence
Love the Old School multimedia!

Glenda said...

I vote for Caged Intelligence!!

Marlo said...

I vote for Caged Intelligence.

Dawn said...

Caged Intelligence speaks volumes! It has my vote!

Rosem said...

I vote for Caged Intelligence.

Karen said...

I vote for caged intellegence

mina said...

Just in case you didn't get it earlier...the colorful canary and those caged chickens! Very cleaver, elegant and beautifully rendered!


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