Sunday, May 15, 2011

The S'well Bottle: coolest new BPA Free Water Bottles come to Canada

Did you know that even in this era of reduce, reuse, recycle less than 20% of the 200 billion disposable plastic bottles still consumed globally each year are recycled? The best bet for you and the planet too are BPA-free, non-toxic water bottles that can be used again and again.

Post by Louise

One of the coolest and best designed water bottles to hit the US market in the last year is the S'well Bottle and now it's available in Canada too.

S'well bottles tick all the right boxes:
  • they're made of the highest quality, non-leaching, toxin-free stainless steel with no worries about Bisphenol-A (BPA) leaching into your water;
  • feature a double wall design using the latest metals science technology so they insulate your beverage keeping it hot all day or cold well into tomorrow;
  • are built to last with a top opening that allows for easy cleaning by hand or in the dishwasher so you can use it again and again;
  • are designed to be functional: yes, the top opening is large enough to slip ice inside; yes, there's a silicone seal in the secure screw top lid to prevent leaks and yes, the slimline design is ergonomically shaped to fit your hand, your bag and your car cup holder;
  • resemble a true glass bottle shape in a rainbow of colours - plus classic black - making S'well one of the coolest looking water bottles around.
We love both the look and feel of S'well bottles. These are substantial water bottles that are cool not just because they're sleek and stylish, but because they're insulating too. We love that at 500ml, they're big enough to hold a reasonable amount of water to quench an adult's thirst, but yet small enough to be easily handled by a child, without them drenching themselves.
Plus there's the added bonus that each purchase helps support the non-profit WaterAid in providing access to safe, clean water, hygiene and sanitation education to the world's poorest communities.

Healthy, helpful and happy (as written on all S'well bottles) -- that truly is S'well.

S'well bottles and more green living ideas are available at our Lavish & Lime eco shop. If you have any thoughts or comments about S'well bottles or reusable water bottles in general, please leave a comment below - we'd love to hear from you!

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