Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Egg-Shaped Crayon Rocks: sugar-free Easter treats

Easter treats don't have to be sugar-laden to be loved. For a sugar-free eco alternative to the traditional chocolate and candy treats, try our egg-shaped crayon rocks made of natural soy wax.

The kids will love the unique shape and the bright colours they can create with these pastel-like crayons. You'll love the fact crayon rocks are made in the US from sustainable soybeans and that the pebble shape encourages and strengthens the proper tripod grip (to help with handwriting).

Give natural crayon rocks for Easter and you'll be letting loose your kids' creative streak rather than their sugar streak. Plus, on Easter Sunday, isn't it nice for them to have something to do?

Crayon rocks come in packs of 16 and 64. The 16-pack comes in a lovely natural muslin drawstring bag. The 64-pack of crayon rocks comes in a flat recyclable box.

Visit Vancouver-based eco boutique Lavish & Lime for crayon rocks and more eco-friendly Easter finds plus loads of ideas about living life a little greener. If you have any thoughts or ideas about great Easter gifts, please leave a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!

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