Sunday, March 7, 2010

Olympic Tattoo Horror: a case for non-toxic face paint

Before we realized it, the damage was done. In typical 2010 Olympic spirit, we were at a local kick-off event and whilst our heads were turned our seven-year-old daughter lined up with a friend to have a Canada flag tattoo affixed to her forehead.

You might think 'affixed' is a strong word to use for a temporary tattoo, but temporary it was not.

After the obligatory - and patriotic - day or so of wearing it, we decided to wash off the tattoo. We scrubbed and rubbed with soap and water and lotion and not a lot was happening. I left the bathroom and when I came back, out of desperation, our daughter had taken an emery board to the tattoo.

We quickly put an end to her innovative emery board technique yet it had removed the majority of the tattoo, so everything seemed alright - until the next morning.

She woke up with scratchy scabs all across her poor forehead. We vowed there and then, no more tattoos, no matter what. It took the better part of a week to heal, even with our calendula cream.

We normally use our
non-toxic Lyra face paint pencils but because we were out and caught up in the Olympic moment I guess she/we got carried away. Never again. She's learned (and us too) to stick to what we know and trust and that's our own face paint crayons. Any designs we make with our crayons come off easily, even our three-year-old can remove them herself. And they're easy to use - no water required - just start drawing. Plus they're completely lead-free, unlike so many other face paint products on the market today.

Lesson learned. The hard way.

Lyra face paint pencils are made in Germany and are available in two different colour packs - basic and plus. For more information, visit Lavish & Lime. Have you had a bad experience with your kids and tattoos? Any thoughts or ideas about natural face paints? Please leave your comment below. We'd love to hear from you!


pjkmitchell said...

The only thing I ever found that helped to really get off bad "temp" tattoos like that is baby oil and a cotton ball. My son used to cover himself in those tattoos head to toe. Sometimes it was fine and sometimes it just wasn't. You'd be left with a shadow of the tattoo for days or even longer! Now it leaves me wondering what the heck was in those things!! It's good to know there is now safe alternatives.

Tattoo Cases said...

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Preeti Kumari said...

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