Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday Eco-Tip: 3 ways to reuse dryer lint

Did you know dryer lint is compostable? That you can make dough - even candles - out of it? Instead of simply throwing it in the garbage, there are a few ways you can reuse your lint.

1. Compost it. When you clean out your lint trap, toss it in the compost instead of the trash.

2. Dryer lint makes a great fire starter. In fact, it may be the easiest and most effective homemade fire starter around. It burns hot and fast and only needs a spark to get it going. Take the lint directly from the dryer and put it in a sealable container. As long as it's kept dry, it will be ready when you need it. Ideal for camping, wood stoves and fireplaces.

3. Make modeling dough - yes, dough. Simply mix with water and flour as below, and voila - hours of fun for the kids direct from your dryer!

To make lint modeling dough:

  1. Place 3 cups (shredded) dryer lint into a pot.
  2. Pour in 2 cups water.
  3. Stir in 1 cup flour.
  4. Add ½ teaspoon vegetable oil.
  5. Stir continuously over low heat until the mixture binds together and is of a smooth consistency.
  6. Pour onto a sheet of wax paper to cool.
And if you're feeling creative yourself, you can always make paper out of lint from your dryer. Another adventurous option is lint candles, all you need is an egg carton, some candle stubs and of course, lint.

Whatever you do with it, cleaning out the lint from your dryer is a good idea. If not cleaned, the tray can become a fire hazard. Apparently, almost 20 people die every year from home fires attributed to this.

For more ideas about living life a little greener, visit Canadian online eco boutique Lavish & Lime. Do you have an eco-tip you'd like to share? Please leave a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!

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