Thursday, March 24, 2011

Earth Hour: 5 Fun Things to Do When the Lights Go Out

Think ahead and you'll find there's more to do than just sit around in the dark when you turn out your lights for an hour on Saturday night to help raise awareness about climate change.

Post by Louise

The WWF started Earth Hour four years ago in an effort to get people to turn out their lights and raise general awareness about the need to take action around climate change. It's grown to become a worldwide phenomenon with Earth Hour 2010 reaching 1.3 billion people. A record 128 countries and territories took part making it the largest voluntary action ever witnessed.

So what to do when you turn out your lights at 8:30pm this Saturday, March 26th? We've come up with some fun ideas to keep you so busy, one hour just won't seem long enough!

1. Forget the i-Pod touch, the DS and Wii, sit down with the kids and play a good old-fashioned board game with actual dice, playing pieces, cards, etc.

2. Set up a 'camp' inside, turn on the fireplace and read stories by flashlight -- a great way to bring a much-loved outdoor activity in.

3. Prepare dinner in advance, including the table setting, then have a late night candlelit dinner with the kids - something so out of the ordinary, they (and you) will love it!

4. Cozy up by candlelight or flashlight and look through favourite old photos and photo albums. Remember when we were diligent about printing photos rather than letting them sit on our cameras and computers? An hour goes quickly when you're walking down a lane of baby, party, holiday and other memories.

5. Get outside and go for a late night walk under the stars. Take advantage of the fact that with lots of lights out, the night time sky will be less cluttered with light pollution and more visible to the naked eye -- fingers crossed the local cloud cover isn't too thick. Brush up on your constellations before you head out and play 'i-Spy in the sky' - a great way to teach kids about the stars.

Whatever you do during Earth Hour 2011, feel good knowing that you'll be joining more than a billion other people around the globe in taking a stand for the future of our planet -- having fun will be a bonus.

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