Monday, March 7, 2011

Birds and our Bodies Bear Brunt of Plastic Overload

Post by Louise
Did you know there are more than 50 different groups of plastics and hundreds of varieties? That the stomachs of birds in some of the remotest parts of the Earth are full of plastics?

These facts combined with news reports, research and all those numbers - it's no wonder many of us feel overwhelmed when faced with decisions surrounding the copious plastic products we deal with on a daily basis.

The first human made plastic arrived in 1855 and since then, because of their low cost and versatility plastics have proliferated. They've replaced many traditional, more natural materials and are virtually everywhere, especially in products used around children in large part because they last.

Yet, the hidden costs of plastics -- to our health and to the environment -- are being uncovered every day. They release toxins into our food, air, drinks and with their incredible durability, they create enduring pollution. Every piece of plastic that has ever been created still exists, except for the little bit that has been incinerated, which releases toxic chemicals. That's why we hear alarming statistics like this:
  • plastic makes up 60-80% of all garbage floating in the oceans
  • plastic debris causes the deaths of a million seabirds yearly
An informative article in today's Vancouver Sun reports that 84% of the water skimming, strong flying Fulmar birds researchers examined from two Arctic colonies had plastics in the their guts.

Next steps to rid ourselves of the potential dangers of plastics aren't always easy to see, or do. Former toxicologist and green guru, Tanis Frame -- founder of Mamamaven -- is someone who can help. Tanis cuts through all the research and reports and gives you the skinny on what you really need to know. She demystifies the numbering system and tells you how to use those little numbers in the triangles for more than just sorting what goes in your blue box.

Come hear Tanis this week at a free workshop hosted by us at our Lavish & Lime Warehouse Shop.
7:00pm-8:00pm Thursday, March 10th
Lavish & Lime Warehouse Shop

272 East 1st Street
, North Vancouver, BC
(just off Lower Lonsdale -- plenty of street parking)

You'll take away an action plan of easy steps to rid your home of plastics and the knowledge you need to make safe choices to create a healthy home for you and your family.

Plus: receive a free eco gift ~ door prizes ~ discount shopping!

For more information and to RSVP, email or call us on 778 340 5463.

If you can't make this event and have questions about plastics, please post a comment below and we'll be sure to get you answers.

For everyday eco finds and more green living ideas, visit Lavish & Lime.

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