Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Safer Option: Stainless Steel Dishes & Cups

Looking for a kids cups and dishes that don't leach nasty chemicals but can handle being chucked across the room, from a high chair, over your head? We've found it with our stainless steel cup and dish set.

Post by Louise

It seems everyone has those plastic kids' dishes from Ikea. You know, the ones that are either in the shape of a flower or a rectangle and come in a rainbow of colours. Problem is, if you put them in the dishwasher or if they're scratched, chances are they could be leaking potentially harmful chemicals into your children's food and drink. The alternative?

Finally, we've found one in stainless steel. It's uber durable, dishwasher-safe and non-leaching. Our Kids Stainless Steel Dish Set from Lunchbots, makers of quality food containers, features a mug, bowl and plate. It's sleek-looking and sturdy and will last, well, forever.

If you're looking just for cups, check out our single Stainless Steel Cup. It's exactly the same size as the Ikea cups and stands up to kids just as well - only it's safer because it doesn't have the potential to leak chemicals into its contents.

Have qualms about putting metal in or near the mouth? Trust us, kids don't. They love these shiny products.

Stainless steel cups and dish sets are available at our eco boutique Lavish & Lime.

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