Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Costume Swap & Save

This Halloween swap a costume instead of buying new and you'll save on materials, packaging - and money too! Our first ever Eek-O Friendly Costume Swap event earlier this month was a hit (pics below) - lots of swapping between families and we managed to raise a nice sum for The Lynn Valley Ecology Centre plus some great support from The North Shore Recycling Program - thanks to all! Through generous donations, we've ended up with some fantastic costumes over and above those that were swapped. So we're extending the swap through to next week during normal business hours. Pop into our Lavish & Lime Warehouse at 272 East 1st Street, North Vancouver anytime 9am-5:30pm during the week until next Friday, October 28th. Bring a costume to swap or take any costume you want with a donation to the Ecology Centre. Unicorn, horse, cat, motor cross rider, transformer, zorro, spiderman, princess & lots more to choose from! For more about us, click here.


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