Wednesday, June 13, 2012

5 Natural Musts for any Travel First Aid Kit

Guest Post: Dr. Cameron McIntyre ND, Naturopathic Doctor

The car is packed and the kids are bouncing off the walls to get away.  Before you leave home, have a look at your travel first aid kit to make sure it has all the essentials.  In addition to bandaids, natural mineral sunscreen and deet-free bug repellent, here are a few natural additions that you really shouldn't leave home without. Safe travels everyone!

  1. Traumeel Cream - a homeopathic for bumps and bruises, sore muscles and inflammation. Apply liberally to skin, as long as the surface has not been scratched or cut. A must-have for toddlers to avoid those “goose egg” bruises!
  2. Tea Tree Oil - a natural anti-bacterial for cuts, scrapes, insect bites and athlete’s foot.  Just put a little on a cotton swab and apply to affected area.  Also makes a great natural disinfectant for cleaning when diluted with a little water.
  3. Oil of Oregano - a great natural immune booster; also helpful for upset tummies and food poisoning.  Try to find pure oil of oregano with no other additives for best result. Take orally (1 to 2 drops) as needed.
  4. Aloe gel - for sunburn relief and healing.  Again, look for the purest form you can find.  This is lovely and soothing on a burn; keep it cool in the fridge or cooler if you can.
  5. Probiotic - a wonderful immune booster; also helpful for upset tummies and food poisoning.  I like to mix some into yogurt or applesauce for kids - they will never know it’s there!  Look for 6 billion active strain minimum - best kept in your cooler/fridge or purchase the travel form which does not require refrigeration.

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