Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hydrate Dad: Bottles Make Great Father's Day Gifts

There's all kinds of Dads and there's all kinds of eco-friendly, reusable water bottles to keep them  hydrated this summer. We're not just talking about water bottles of different shapes and sizes, but different materials, capabilities, design and function. The right bottle for the right Dad makes a great green Father's Day gift. For the outdoors Dad, a great option is the Vapur Element Collapsible Bottle with its integrated flip top cap. Ideal for hiking or walking, this funky water bottle is not only lightweight but when empty can be folded and popped in a pocket for easy transport. Choose from Vapur Earth, Water or Wind. For cycling Dad, the double walled S'well bottle is perfect. The slim, ergonomic design fits into any bike holder and keeps water cool for 24 hours. The new navy, olive green and black matte colours make a great Father's Day gift. For the wine-loving Dad, try the S'well wine bottle which again, keeps contents chilly cold for hours and hours but this one holds 750ml, perfect for decanting that bottle of Pinot in the park. For executive Dad, the non-leaching Lifefactory glass water bottle is ideal for keeping on his desk. The protective silicone cover makes for an interesting talking point and the wide mouth allows for ice cubes. Choose from two types of lids: classic screw top or flip cap top. A rainbow of manly colours too! For more, check out our complete collection of reusable water bottles.


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